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The adult drawing starts immediately following the Annual Meeting in the Peter B. Lewis Theater.

Members will have picked a numbered metal disc upon arrival. They will keep one copy of the disc. Another will be placed in a “fish bowl.”

The drawing begins with numbered discs being drawn one by one, at random, from the bowl.

When your number is called, proceed to the side of the theater and present your metal disc to receive your red dot. You may then select any artwork not yet chosen by affixing your red dot to the work’s label on the wall. You are now free to take your artwork off the wall. Remove the Post-it from your chosen artwork’s label and take it along with your artwork for check-out. Please be sure that you have the correct label!

Adult members may, if they choose, select a work from the remaining children’s collection.

For heavy or delicate pieces, there will be board members and gallery assistants to help you. There is special packing provided for all three-dimensional pieces. Please be sure that you use the provided packaging for those pieces.

Check-out procedure: Take your piece of art, your index card with the artwork’s Post-it affixed to it, and proceed to the check-out area where a board member will check you out. This final step is critical because it provides carta with a record of which piece of art you have.

Take your artwork home and enjoy it until next year!


The Children’s Collection is installed in the Ann and Norman Roulet Student + Alumni Gallery near the Jessica R. Gund Memorial Library.

Numbers are chosen one at a time and at random.

When the child’s number has been called, they then enter the gallery and select their artwork for the year.

That child’s parents are asked to immediately remove the art that their child selected to make it easier for subsequent children to see what pieces remain.

Once artwork has been selected, remove the Post-it from your chosen artwork’s label and take it along with your artwork for check-out. Turn in the index card.

At this time, you may either take your child’s artwork to your car or tag it with your name and store it on the table provided until you are ready to leave.

After selecting their artwork, children are then welcome to attend the art activity.

Note: The art activity is planned so that it lasts until the adult drawing has been completed, at which time parents may meet their children in the classroom.

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